LibVirt Management from MacOS

Aug 23, 2021

Author: Brandon B. Jozsa

This will be a really quick post about how you can leverage virt-manager and virt-viewer from MacOS to manage libvirt virtual machines running on Red Hat systems.

In all honesty, this blog doesn't even really need to exist because it's really straight forward. But I am writing a whole series on how users can deploy and manage libvirt systems more easily with Redfish, and this tooling came to mind as a GUI alternative.


You can install both virt-manager and virt-viewer like this:
(Note: you must have homebrew installed first)

brew tap jeffreywildman/homebrew-virt-manager
brew install virt-manager virt-viewer


Once installed, you can run the following to leverage a qemu host over SSH.

virt-manager -c 'qemu+ssh://username@ =/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock'

Replace username and with your own values. That's it!

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