OpenShift: Using Nightly Builds

May 14, 2021

Author: Brandon B. Jozsa

Red Hat has some incredible things going on right now! For those who may not have realized, the product team has quietly delivered what's called a "SNO" build of OpenShift 4.7+. What is SNO? Think of SNO as an AIO (all-in-one) OpenShift deployment that can be leveraged for RAN, MEC, Edge/FE, uCPE, and CDN types of architectures. For those who are not familiar with these architectures, these are scenarios that are extremely important to telecommunications and other service providers (an industry very near to my heart). What's even more exciting to me, is that SNO is available for anyone to try via Assisted Installer, starting in 4.8.0-fc.3.

I am extremely interested in where this architecture is going for OpenShift, as I think the impact to the telecommunications industry will be massive. My entire career at Red Hat is laser focused on the success of the telecommunications industry, so I have been using nightly builds of Assisted Installer to explore this new product.

WARNING: DO NOT USE FOR PRODUCTION (for evaluation purposes only). In order to implement a nightly deployment, you will want to go to the following URL: You will see a field Pull From followed by a image SHA256. Make sure you copy this and use it in the following command (once logged in, via the CLI as the kubeadmin user):

oc adm upgrade --to-image='' --allow-explicit-upgrade

This will upgrade your cluster with the nightly builds!